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Battery separator paper jet belt dryer

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Battery separator paper jet belt dryer


I. overview of battery separator paper project:

Separator is an important component of battery, not an active substance. In some cases, it even plays a decisive role. Its material is electronic insulator, and its porosity makes it have ionic conductivity. The resistance of the separator is an important performance of the separator, which is determined by the thickness of the separator, the porosity and the degree of hole twists and turns. It has an important influence on the capacity of high rate discharge and the terminal voltage level of the battery; the stability of the separator in sulfuric acid directly affects the life of the battery; the elasticity of the separator can delay the falling off of the positive active substance; the aperture size of the separator affects the degree of lead dendrite short circuit.

Due to the effect of separator on the performance of lead-acid battery in many aspects, the improvement of each quality of separator development is accompanied by the improvement of the performance of lead-acid battery. The main function of the separator is to prevent short circuit between positive and negative electrodes, but it can not increase the internal resistance of the battery significantly. Therefore, the separator should be porous, allowing the free diffusion of electrolyte and ion migration, and has a relatively small resistance. When some active substances fall off, they shall not reach the opposite plate through the pores, that is, the pore diameter shall be small, the number of pores shall be large, and the total area of the gap shall be large; in addition, good mechanical strength, acid corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and no substances harmful to the plate shall be separated out.

II. Overview of battery separator paper jet belt dryer equipment:

DWF series air jet belt dryer is a special equipment, which is suitable for drying materials with poor air permeability, such as pulp drying, coated cloth drying and plate drying. Because of its specificity, in the design, according to the nature of the material, the hot air temperature of the equipment, the amount of circulating gas, humidity, gas speed and the form of gas flow beam are not commonly used by most of the materials, and the actual difference is very large. Therefore, when ordering, the user should make a detailed technical exchange with the technical personnel of the factory, so as to make a reasonable design scheme, promote the better performance of our equipment, and generate better benefits for the user.

III. working principle of battery separator paper jet belt dryer:

When working, the hot air flows down or up and down to the materials on the conveyor belt in the direction of slit flow or hole beam, and the spraying speed can be as high as over 15m / s. therefore, the heat transfer film of convective heat transfer is very thin, the heat transfer coefficient is large, and the drying speed is fast. When drying, the heat source used for jet air flow can be steam, electricity, coal-fired hot blast furnace, gas, fuel gas flue gas, heat conducting oil furnace, etc.

III. project cases:


Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

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